Suzanne McGillivray

Exploring the art of life mastery — be the master of your own destiny

  • Increase your creativity, productivity, success and fulfilment
  • Clarify your thoughts, define goals, reach unthinkable new levels
  • Grasp opportunity to bring your ideas from darkness to the light of day
  • Live your life with purpose and find the freedom of your dreams
  • Tap into your unknown and undiscovered potential
  • Be your own life master-director-creator, create it NOW!
  • Take your life and/or your business to new heights

The art of creative living is the process of bringing through your ideas that live beyond your general thoughts, into your day-to-day life. All the things you do can be opportunities for creative living and creative expression.

We help you to make it happen.

To land it and not just dream about it.

Have you always wanted to accomplish a particular project, goal or purpose and yet you still find yourself far away from where you want to be, despite your best efforts?

You will find having a coach or mentor on your side — that will support and guide you, challenge you and keep you accountable — can really make a difference!

Imagine having focused personal support, cutting edge techniques to enhance your life or business, designed to tackle your most important challenges and provide progressive knowledge and insights on how to grow your potential.

Suzanne McGillivray is a highly trained and experienced coach and mentor. She not only works with the art of creative living, she lives it!

Suzanne offers you a practical approach, a practical mode of thinking, of incorporating a sense of the creative and of being the creator in all that you do.

Transform your world through the Art of Creative Living!

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