Suzanne McGillivray

Artist I Writer I  Mentor I Coach

Exploring the Art of Life Mastery

Suzanne works to help you express what it is you want to express.
She works with your life assisting you to create and recreate your life, work, business or project, by unfolding your creativity that dwells in your heart.
We help you to make it happen. We work to help you land it, not just dream about it.

She works to help you unwrap your imagination, explore your creativity, clarify your thought and to then add structure in order to bringing your ideas to life.

Suzanne works with a practical approach and a practical mode of thinking to incorporating a sense of the creative and of being the creator in all that you do

Art of Creative Living

Create the life you want to live, where life becomes a work of art!
Are you living your passion? Are you living the life you truly want to live? Are you wanting to enhance our life with creative work of some kind?

  • A book written
  • A picture painted
  • A home functioning rhythmically
  • A business running along true and sound lines
  • A crisis passed
  • A life salvaged
  • A piece of work carried out with precision

Are you tapping into your untapped potential, firing up your imagination, developing your intuition, cultivate clear thinking and act upon it. Want to know how?

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