Suzanne McGillivray

Artist | Writer | Mentor | Coach

Exploring the art of life mastery, Suzanne works to help you express what it is you want to express

She works with your life, assisting you to create and recreate your life, work, business or project by unfolding the creativity that dwells in your heart. We help you to make it happen. We work to help you land it, not just dream about it.



Suzanne McGillivray

Mentor, executive and life coach, leadership development advisor

Suzanne McGillivray has over 15 years’ executive experience spanning the corporate world, publishing industry, peak industry body, industrial negotiations and NGO’s. Being a CEO herself at one time, she knows what it takes to unfold potential, the challenges, the pitfalls and the joys — positioning her well to lead people towards their own potential. She now shares her extensive life experience with others.


Artist bio

Painter, contemporary/abstract

Landscapes, marinescapes, colourscapes (Sydney, Australia)

Visual Artist Suzanne McGillivray takes her inspiration from the fiery inner worlds. She has spent her life penetrating into the realms of meaning, where form and formless collide; where concepts take their consummation; where patterns and templates reside; where purpose drives all action; where light emerges from darkness and new creations are born.


Awakens to creativity

Awakens to the possibilities of life

The twists of fate bring us closer to awakening the possibilities of life – if we let them!

In my case there had been many twists and turns throughout life, bringing lots of possibilities but it was not until I was stopped, my extremely active life halted, that new and exciting possibilities began to seep into my conscious mind.


Continual growth

Exploring the art of life mastery

Suzanne has been described as a multi-faceted diamond that cannot be put in a box or labelled.

One could, in fact, consider that she has many labels: she is an artist, writer, poet, mentor, coach, and leadership advisor, though she considers her real work as one of liberation — liberation from the ties that bind — liberation from limitation and freeing or unlocking latent potentialities lying in the heart of every one of us.



Works with corporations, executives, business owners, individuals, people who want to make powerful change in their lives

Suzanne assists individuals to find the freedom to create the life they want to live – where life becomes a work of art.

Where they become the master of their own lives, continually creating and re-creating, playing the music of their heart.



Case studies from a handful of Suzanne’s happy clients

A woman approaching 50. A corporate executive in his early 60’s. A working mother with small children.

Where they become the master of their own lives, continually creating and re-creating, playing the music of their heart.


Endorsements and recommendations

Client feedback

‘Suzanne is an amazing person with an inspiring story. She is able to pinpoint the essence and underlying cause of any problem or issue, be it business or personal. This resulting in a ‘state of clarity’ and deeper understanding, making it much easier to see and plan for the solution and way forward.’