Am I creative?

I have never been artistic, how could I be creative?

Everyone is creative, everyone is constantly creating, the question is are you consciously creating?

Creativity is not something we do, it is something we are! It is our birthright. But are we consciously accessing our creative storehouse.

We all have the ability to create something our heart desires; we also all have within us the ability to be artistic, if we choose to explore that avenue.

Not everyone wants to be artistic, but everyone of us is intrinsically creative.

How do you express your creativity?

How creative would you like to be?

Many people know the challenge of not expressing something that is pressing to be communicated. For some, that may be an artwork, for others it may be a book, for others it may be a business idea or an invention. Is there something within you that you have not yet tapped into but know is there?

Could you benefit from knowing how to consciously go about creating?
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Creativity and Imagination