Suzanne McGillivray – Sydney contemporary artist

Painter, contemporary/abstract – landscapes, marinescapes, colourscapes (Sydney, Australia)

Visual Artist Suzanne McGillivray takes her inspiration from the fiery inner worlds. She has spent her life penetrating into the realms of meaning, where form and formless collide, where concepts take their consummation; where patterns and templates reside; where purpose drives all action; where light emerges from darkness and new creations are born.

She grew up in Western Australia and Malaysia, lived in London in her 20’s, then finally settled in Sydney in the early 90’s and spent the next 15 years as a senior executive in the corporate world. A late blooming artist, Suzanne came to art from a deep inner prompting after an extended period of illness. Her colourful and interesting life has contributed to the vitality and vibrancy so evident in her work.

Her need to express light led her deeper into the exploration of mixed medium and the use of textures, to create life and movement in her paintings, giving a richness and fullness to her work.
As her art has developed and changed, two things have always been apparent: her love for colour, light and movement, and her strong sense of depth.

A life fraught with challenge has led to a deep exploration of inner worlds and the discovery of much light and beauty, which she endeavours to communicate in her art.
She has been a lifelong seeker, beginning her quest seemingly before she could walk, and has been a diligent student of the Ancient Mystery traditions of the East and West for over 30 years.

Suzanne’s evolving style uses vibrant colours and blended tones. Her works are primarily large contemporary/abstracts, working predominantly with acrylics and textures on canvas. Combined with her unique life perspective, her works create a deep evocative response.

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