Suzanne’s Philosophy of Continual Growth

Exploring the Art of Life Mastery

Suzanne has been described as a multi faceted diamond that you cannot put in a box or label.
One could in fact, consider she has many labels, she is an Artist, Writer, Poet, Mentor, Coach, and Leadership Advisor, though she considers her real work as one of liberation — liberation from the ties that bind — liberation from limitation and freeing or unlocking latent potentialities lying in the heart of every one of us.
The many strings to her bow have come through a lifetime of constant striving, stretching the boundaries, of not accepting mediocrity, or her present view being all there is.
She has a fundamental view that there is always more, that we are always more, we just have to keep peeling away the layers of self accomplishment and being to reveal that shining jewel in all of us that radiates.

Suzanne believes that we are all creative — if we were to allow ourselves to be and / or change our view of what creativity really is.
“Creativity is what we are, not what we do, it is how we express, which is coloured by the circumstances in which we find ourselves.
We are all always expressing in some way or other — but the question is what do we express? How consciously? How deeply do we penetrate into possibility? How actively do we pursue this creative expression of ourselves?”
Suzanne McGillivray has been a lifelong seeker of deeper truths, of life beyond the surface of things, of the wonders and mysteries of being.
She has spent her life freeing herself from limitations, from the ties that bound her and from fears that conditioned her, continually forged her way into new endeavours, new careers, new insights, new views of herself and a greater view of the potentiality of humanity.
Through the Art of Creative Living, Suzanne brings you her insights of how to bring into more of you into the art of everyday living.

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