Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs combine organisational and personal growth, encouraging the balance and progression of both the company and the individual.
A company’s performance relies enormously on its intangible assets such as integrity, trust, loyalty and commitment. These subtle skills are often neglected and their importance in achieving tangible results tends to be overlooked.
All programs are structured assuring both intangible and tangible growth for individuals at work and in their personal life.

We believe in going back to source, to the cause that lies behind the obvious effects of stress, over-due deadlines and disintegrating lines of communication. By reminding people of what is really important in their life and equipping them with the necessary skills to achieve and maintain both perspective and balance, benefits flow back into the workplace and out into the greater community.

Fundamental principles form the foundation from which we work and are introduced in the early stages and expanded upon as the course progresses.
Days are well- balanced modules of theory, experiential activities, brainstorming, case studies and opportunities to interact with other participants.
By balancing physical and mental activities, participants emerge refreshed, revitalised and ready to face what lies ahead.