On Death

Transforming Death

Death is simply a transition from one state of consciousness to another; however we seldom talk about it during our lives nor how we often prepare for that transition.

In the West
In the West particularly we do not explore the notion of death unless we have a direct experience of it, either through a loved one or indeed ourselves having to face our own mortality.

In the East
In the East generally there is a different view of death, it is considered as a part of the cycle of life. There are preparatory techniques, rites and rituals.

Facing Death
Some face death with great fear and trepidation, with a sense of finality, a sense of annihilation, of facing a gaping black hole that swallows us up. Others think that death will be painful, others think that is as an escape, others face it with a confidence and sweet release.
But facing death is not death itself.
My experience of having faced death, we are faced with our thoughts, view and emotions regarding death, we face whatever it is we believe of death. This in itself is not death.

What is Death?
Death is but a transition. We can solve the problem of death when we know what life is. Life is eternal. It existed before birth and it will exist after death. Life also exists between birth and death. It is beyond birth and death. Life is infinite. Life is immortal.

Death is but a Transition
“Even as man discards old clothes for the new ones, so the dweller in the body, the soul, leaving aside the worn-out bodies, enters into new bodies. The soul migrates from body to body. Weapons cannot cleave it, nor fire consume it, nor water drench it, nor wind dry it.” Bhagavad Gita

Is Death the End?
Those who live the inner life know that death is truly their resting-room, to them, death is anything but extinction. It is a meaningful departure. It is a great escape in to a fuller life – The body has death, but not the soul. The body sleeps, the soul flies.

Is Death painful?
Death in itself is not painful, but sometimes the process that leads to death can be, especially if one is suffering a painful illness or a fatal accident which causes pain. Again, the pain associated with illness is not death. Death and dying are not the same thing.
Death is the process of transiting from the body and this process is not painful, it is a release if there is pain. Death is a transition from one state of consciousness to another.

What is that transition like?
Many people have shared their stories of near death and for most it was a welcoming experience. For me it was blissful. The peace, serenity, tranquillity, the sense of gentle release was like floating upon a gently meandering stream, the currents drawing me ever closer to a union with myself, my complete self, my essential self. There was no thought of fear, just a gentle returning unto myself. In fact it was compelling and hard to draw back from.

Talking about Death
Since this experience of facing death my interest in the subject has taken me into many discussions with people and their own experiences of death and the dying process.
I have found that some do not want to speak about death at all, they refuse to speak if it, almost as if it would not eventuate if it were not spoken of.
Others who have been happy to discuss the subject come from a similar view, that it is most beneficial to make preparations while we are able bodied and of able mind.

Preparing for death while living
Each night we sleep, each day we die only to wake to a new day. In a sense we already die daily. We make preparations each day for living, why not live our dying?
Death is an opportunity, embrace the opportunity
Death is a celebration of a life lived, why not celebrate your life?
Death is a returning from whence we came, enjoy the entire journey
Learn the glory of experience, it is a gift of wise old age
Look towards death as a great adventure, which is yet to confront you
Why not prepare for the adventure, make a plan for your journey
Why not face the transition with joy and love and laughter, just as you would the rest of your life?

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