On Meditation

On Meditation

Meditation one morning

Meditation one morning

There has been a huge volume of scientific research conducted into the effects of meditation over the last 30 years. These include the measurement of brain activity during meditation, effects on stress, health and aging and many more. The vast amount of research indicates that there are substantial, measurable effects that result from meditation practices.

The power of meditation to affect the physical body has been studied and indicates that meditation causes profound effects in the cellular and brain structures. The effect in assisting with health is also well proven, particularly the effect of meditation on hypertension (high blood pressure) and cardiac problems. The material on meditation on this site is designed towards transformation and growth rather than just a focus on health or relaxation.

There is so much that could be written on meditation and on this site we have attempted to provide a mix of transformative information and practical exercises to help you develop your meditation practice and to incorporate it into your daily life.

Meditation works on the simple premise that energy follows and conforms itself to thought.
It involves a focused mind, the capacity to visualise, an ability to build thoughtforms and to use the creative imagination, plus eventually developing a clear and accurate grasp of the soul’s intent.

Meditation works on thesimple premise that energyfollows and conforms itself tothought.It involves a focused mind, thecapacity to visualise, an abilityto build thoughtforms and touse the creative imagination,plus eventually developing aclear and accurate grasp ofthe soul’s intent.

Ultimately, meditation is, or should be, a deeply spiritual experience and leads us to that still place where the voice within the silence can be heard.

Suzanne McGillivray has 25 years experience in the practice of meditation but is by no mean master of the subject, we are all but students to some degree or other. She has enough experience to understand its value and has a genuine desire to share this with others, so we invite you to share in a journey to explore this vast yet profound subject.

Suzanne runs regular meditation seminars keep your eye on events for upcoming courses

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