The QUEST – Know Thy Self

Discovery Workshop Series

Our introductory weekend ‘A Touch of Wholeness’ workshop can be followed by a one-off or as a series of progressive workshops.:
۞ A Touch of Wholeness – an introduction
۞ Nurture Your Nature –Time for you
۞ Unleash your creativity – Where to begin
۞ Express Yourself – Creatively – voice-movement-art-writing
۞ Meditation for Transformation – the window of the Soul
۞ Love, Sexuality & Intimacy – Self
۞ Love, Forgiveness & Relationships – Others
۞ The Astrological Mandala of Life
۞ The Seven Rays of Life
۞ The Spiritual Constitution of Life
۞ Finding Deep Peace

Meditation course

Meditation course

Personal transformation is as unique as you are; no one way is the right way for everyone. This being the case Suzanne offers several options for your ongoing growth and support:

One-on-One Sessions:
For personal ongoing support Suzanne offer a series of either Face to Face or Telephone Coaching sessions to help set direction, define goals and support you in achieving them.

Suzanne knows that some of us need acceptance, some gentle healing, others to learn self-nurturing because they are so good at looking after everyone else. While others need to clarify their thinking, set direction and learn to stick to their goals.
Some of us need to gain confidence in our abilities, while others need to become more aware of themselves and their emotional nature.

Suzanne knows your process will be as unique as you are!

If you would like more information about Suzanne’s one-to-one Life Coaching or healing sessions please contact her to learn more about her unique approach.

Transformational Retreats:
Take the time and transform deeply on our 5-day retreats. Relax, revitalise, renew.
Self-discovery in an environment of beauty, nurturing, fun and laughter. Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

Contact us about our occasional Retreats

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