What is Creativity?

What is Creativity?
Creativity is about accessing the inner, ideas, energies, vision, inspiration, aspirations, even our very being, then setting about the process of expressing it and bringing it into being, into manifestation, making it happen.
This process is the artistry of becoming, of how we construct the vision then bit by bit bring it to life.
So how does an artist do what she or he does? How does one turn a blank canvas or a block of marble or a life or anything into something that is a work of art, or a creative work?

The mechanics or technicalities or procedures of the process are necessary but far more important, the artist needs to believe that she or he can create, that there is inside something that has the power to produce something wonderful, and so it is with the process of creating anything. Creativity is not something confined to the arts. Creativity is vital for unlocking potential and believe it or not it has been known to increase wellbeing

Creativity is something that belongs to all things in life – the basics of everyday from cooking to relationships, from spirituality to business, from hobbies to more pure art forms. The art of creative living is indeed the process of bringing through ideas that live beyond our general thoughts into our day-to-day life, indeed all things we do can be opportunities for creative living and creative expression.

What do you do reawaken your dormant creativity?

Suzanne offers a practical approach, a practical mode of thinking of incorporating a sense of the creative and being the creator in all that we do.